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Haysville Saddle Club

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Upcoming Events
Due to unauthorized use of the arena the gate will now be locked. Members will have access to arena.

The Sedgwick County Leash Law will be enforced on the Saddle Club Grounds. Please keep your dogs on a leash at all times. This is for the dogs' safety as well as the safety of others. Thank you.

Fees are: 
 $7.00 for non members
 $4.00 for member 
Members must also do 10 hours of work for year end awards.
***No Charge for Leadline***

2010 Funshow Schedule
**dates and events subject to change without notice**
April 11th - Fuzzy Funshow - 1:00pm
Barrels, Poles, Flags
April 24th - 4:00pm
Barrels, Pigs Tail, Triple Threat, Kansas Keyhole
May 8th - 4:00pm
Barrels, Kegs, Polo Turn, Flying W
May 23rd - 1:00pm
Bare Buck, Barrels, Bi Rangle, Streaking Poles
June 5th - 6:00pm
Barrels, Speed Barrels, Speed & Action
June 19th - 6:00pm
Barrels, Poles, Figure 8
June 27th - 4:00pm
Barrels, Kegs, Half 8, Four Corners
July 10th - 6:00pm
Barrels, Pigs Tail, Flags
July 31st - 6:00pm
Barrels, Triple Threat, Polo Turn
August 14th - 6:00pm
Barrels, Speed Barrels, Speed & Action
September 11th - 6:00pm
Barrels, Poles, Kansas Keyhole
September 25th - 6:00pm
Barrels, Kegs, Streaking Poles